Your one stop application for Incident and Asset management


Centram is a cloud hosted application helping organizations to effectively manage the support incidents. It also helps in managing and monitoring the assets tagged to employees.



At present, most organizations maintain support incidents/assets owned by employees in excel sheets/paperwork and face major challenges in keeping track of it. Centram helps organizations to monitor and track these under two umbrellas. Incident Management: Self Service portal to raise incidents, communicate with support agents and closure. Asset Management – Track Allocation/deallocation of assets to employees; helps in exit formalities.



  • A self-service portal which helps employees/administrators to raise support incidents.
  • Priorities/SLA defined as per best practices, can be customized.
  • Reports/Dashboards in multiple formats.
  • Support of Approval Process, Notifications/alert messages.
  • Support of Watchlist, Surveys.


  • Employees can request for an asset via the self-service portal.
  • Approval process in place for assets which require it.
  • Employees can view the allocated assets in the self-service portal with relevant details.
  • Integration with employee offboarding process which helps organizations to clear employee exit formalities.
  • Reports/Dashboards to track assets owned by employees across the organization.
  • Support of Notifications/Alert messages.
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  • Elite look and feel, easy to use rich user experience.
  • Flexible model in obtaining licenses.
  • Supported on all major devices/browsers.
  • A self-service cloud hosted portal.
  • Integration support with other applications.
  • Single Sign On supported.